Chihuahua Party a Great Success.

On July 2nd Cindy McGrath, Personnel Manager and Chihuahua owner, held a Chihuahua Party and BBQ sponsored by St. John's Veterinary Hospital in her backyard. There were approximately 21 dogs that showed up in all different shapes and sizes. There was BBQ for the party people and assorted dog bones for the tiny dogs. Most dogs however ignored the bones as they were too busy chasing each other around and having great fun. Suprising all the dogs got along quite well and we did not have to use the time out pen. The door prize was a basket donated by our sponsor was won by Laura Clemens and her dog name Rex. There was a handmade collar and leash set donated by Serena Saunders (For Your Paws Only) which was the perfect size for these tiny creatures. This set was won by Mrs. Williams who owns Buddy and a few other dogs!! The party was co-hosted by Donna Inkpen who's beautiful dog Zoe was due to have puppies very soon! Many thanks to everyone for coming and for those who couldn't make it, we hope to see you next year.

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